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  • Grab a hot one today at:
    Lewis & Clark Halls on Turner Ave
  • Friday   02/23:  Logboat Brewing Co 4:30-8pm
  • Saturday   02/24:  Artlandish Gallery on Walnut 10am-2pm
    Logboat Brewing Co 4:30-8pm
  • Sunday   02/25:  Artlandish Gallery on Walnut 10am-2pm

OUR STORY Ozark Born & Raised

Our story starts in northeast Arkansas where the Mississippi Delta mud gives way to the flinty foothills of the Ozarks. In that crook of river country five generations of our family sharecropped, farmed, canned, moonshined and refined the fixing of delicious food all the while.

At our gatherings, you’ll see recipes penciled on fading notecards tumble out of threadbare cookbooks. We set these heirlooms out on the counter, get to cooking then carefully tuck them back for safekeeping. This is our family bible of flavor.

Cornbread sizzled in iron skillets, bacon infused black-eyed peas, steak smothered until fork-tender, pie crust broken under fresh berries.

That’s the kind of food we grew up with, love and wanted to share.

At the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company we honor that history with fresh, quality, seasonal ingredients. Heck, we try to grow it ourselves when we can and find other local partners to help us out. Friends like Patchwork Family Farms, Show-Me Farms Beef, Crop Circle, and Old Tony Speichinger.

In this day and age quality also means being aware of your surroundings and treating them right. We are committed to sourcing from sustainable, humane farms and making sure our containers and such are friendly to your health and the soil. Seems it doesn’t make much sense to do it any other way.

We hope you’ll find our updated take on our family food to your liking. Sure, there are some things on our food truck that our great-grandma Jettie wouldn’t begin to recognize but we know she would find delicious.

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